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Hallie's workshops focus on ways to prevent secondary traumatic stress and burnout, how to most effectively cope with stress, and how to improve concentration, productivity, clarity of thinking, ethical and professional behavior, patience, sleep, and overall health (including fewer sick days.) The skills learned in these workshops help lawyers feel energized, mentally and physically fit, and balanced and centered. 

Neuroscience and the Lawyer's Brain

This course focuses on key principles from the diverse sciences of optimal human functioning including practical neurosciece, neurobiology, positive psychology, and the social and behavioral sciences. It also includes mind-body interventions from Hallie's ABA book Yoga for Lawyers - Mind-Body Techniques to Feel Better All the Time to learn proven methods for stress reduction, more positive emotions, high work productivity, and greater well-being.

IQ, PQ, and EQ for Lawyers 

This course focuses on optimal Cognitive Capacity, Positive Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers. Awareness gained from this course affords better memory and retention, more positive emotions, greater control of emotions and less reactivity for better professionalism.

Resilience for Lawyers

This course focuses on positive psychology exercises and mind-body interventions that work as buffers against secondary traumatic stress, negative emotions, and burnout. Included here are ways to develop a resilient brain, a resilient nervous system, and healthy GRIT and stress hardiness for a resilient mindset. In 2018 - learn how to teach others in Hallie's Positive Resilience Training and Train-the-Trainer courses.

iRest® for Lawyers

Testimonial by Bruce Smith P.H.D. Hallie's CDs are available for self practice, and can be purchased in the "shop" on this website. 

Extensive science and brain research has demonstrated that iRest®:

  • Increases energy, a sense of control, and confidence.
  • Increases quality sleep and well-being.
  • Decreases stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, anger, and reactivity.
  • Improves focus, concentration and attention.
  • Provides deep relaxation.

Richard Miller, Ph.D. worked with the military to bring iRest® to Walter Reed Medical Center and other U.S. military settings to help soldiers and veterans heal from post traumatic stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and other stress-related issues.  The iRest® protocol is currently being used across a wide array of settings including military, VA, chemical dependency centers, hospitals, colleges, and many others. 

In iRest®, your brain waves slow, your body is fully and deeply relaxed and your mind is in a conscious state of restful alertness where thoughts cease and you experience the effects of three to four hours of sleep in twenty minutes. You wake up clear headed and ready to resume your workday with marked improvements in energy levels, focus and concentration, listening skills, clarity of thinking, creativity, problem solving and patience. The effects also produce a continued state of well-being and quality sleep at night.

In this course atttorneys learn the iRest® protocol; benefits of iRest®; overview of iRest® programs; research on brain, nervous system, sleep and neuroscience. Teaching includes lecture, interactive dialog, demonstration, and first-hand experiential guided practices.  Lawyers develop a working knowledge of iRest® affording them the ability to easily use it in their daily lives. The course also zeros in on Professionalism issues and how regular iRest® practice can put attorneys in a better position to recognize and resolve their ethical and professional dilemmas as well as helping them to better respond to the pressures and stresses of the legal profession.

What lawyers and paralegals are saying about iRest® for Lawyers:

“The legal profession is challenging and stressful. To be a "well attorney" requires more than average stress management. iRest is a power tool for attorneys.”

“I felt refreshed physically, mentally and emotionally after practicing iRest. I really liked the chance to experience something that can bring about such powerful change.”

“I felt very rested and optimistic. I liked knowing that self care is a company value.”
“I felt relaxed and calm after the practice. I think many lawyers would benefit from this course. A more balanced and present attorney is a more effective attorney.”
“I learned it’s possible to shut off the mind and re-charge. I really enjoyed understanding that stress solving methods can be integrated into business.”
“Prior meditation classes have felt like failures. This practice worked for me, and I felt alert and invigorated afterwards.” 


Ms. Love's articles on Positive Psychology for Lawyers are published and disseminated nationally.